Are you a star coder or artist? Enter Rising Star and you could win an internship


If you’re passionate about Code, Character Art, Environment Art (incl. object; vehicle, weapon etc.), VFX, Animation, you should enter the Rising Star competition and you would win an internship. Applications are now open to students who are not in their final year. (Final year students should see the Search for a Star competition.)

The Sumo Digital Rising Star competition is a variant of our main Search For A Star competition, specifically designed for students who are not yet in their final year. The structure follows the same process and timeline as the Search For A Star competition, but with all entrants judged as a separate group.

Prizes for finalists include amazing prize packages from our sponsors, with the grand prize for the winner being a guaranteed interview for an internship with Sumo Digital, one of the largest independent studios in the UK, developers of LittleBigPlanet 3 and currently working on projects including Crackdown 3 & Dead Island 2. This is a unique opportunity to gain valuable work experience at one of the top UK games studios.

As with Search For A Star, the three stages of the competition have been deliberately designed by industry experts to mirror a typical recruitment process within the games industry, while also giving the students a chance to publish either their own video game or art assets!

Find out more about both competitions.



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