Fresh Relevance continues to hire CCI placement students

Fresh Relevance, the marketing hub for online retailers, has welcomed the fourth intake to its successful annual intern programme including our very own Graphic Design student, Ben Edwards.

Fresh Reavence's new interns (from left) Sophie Crichton, Ben Edwards, James Dibnah, Diogo Fernandes, Kenneth Mbuthia
Ben Edwards, 2nd year Graphic Design Student (second from left)

Ben will be working closely with the graphic design and marketing teams to create materials for both on and offline promotions. They look for creative and productive individuals who are eager to gain first-hand experience.

Co-founder and CEO of the firm, Mike Austin comments: “Since we began our intern initiative we have been hugely impressed by the talent that has passed through the Fresh Relevance doors. Many return to take up full-time positions once they have completed their courses.”

Come and visit us in to EW0.03 to find out more about year-long placements and other great opportunities!

Read full article: Fresh Relevance employs University of Portsmouth students



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