Fashion placement experience: Sidnie at Roberta Einer

Bomber outfit
Sidnie Brennan, BA (Hons) Fashion and Textile Design, completed a Placement+ where she worked at several companies during her placement year including Holly Fulton and Roberta Einer. Sidnie tells us about what she is most proud of achieving during her time at Roberta Einer and the benefits of working for a small company.

One of my proudest achievements is helping to design the embroidery featured on the back of one the main show pieces; the Mohair Bomber Jacket. I helped design the buoy patch that is featured on the back of one of Roberta’s bomber jackets. I have attached images of the bomber front and back from the show and the image of the embellishment that I helped to design on Illustrator.

Final buoy patch screen shot
Final buoy patch screen shot

They gave me their original buoy patch as initial guidance, I chose one of their previously designed bugs to put in the middle and changed the rope that goes around the patch, they liked my edit so much that they featured it on one of their biggest show pieces; the Mohair bomber.

Roberta Einer Bomber back
Back of bomber jacket showing buoy patch which I helped design
The other images are ones that I took at the show of the whole collection and some images of a bug and a leaf embellishment that I hand beaded and designed myself. These were both used on the shoes at the show; as shown in another image.
Roberta Einer bug embelishment for shoes
Bug embellishment for shoes
Interning at Roberta Einer was an incredible experience, and one that I will truly cherish. I learnt so much within my 6 weeks there, made some life long friends and was made to feel that the dream of becoming a designer is achievable if you are dedicated enough.
I’ve learnt that working with a smaller company enables you to work much more closely with the designer and the team and also allows you to be very involved in the process of making a collection from start to finish. I’m so glad that I was fortunate enough to get this placement and learn about what is needed to run a successful and growing business.
I’m now excited to be working with a much bigger brand to see the difference and to learn even more about the Industry.

Watch on the BBC website

How to break through as a fashion designer – As London Fashion week gets underway, newcomer Roberta Einer describes what it takes to make it in the world of fashion design.


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