How my Warner Bros. placement helped me get a job at nDreams – Jon Whitney, Entertainment Technology

Jonathan Whitney, Entertainment Technology graduate, completed a placement at Warner Bros. for which he won the School of Creative Technologies Placement Student of the Year award. He tells us about his placement and why he doesn’t think he’d have been able to get his graduate job at nDreams if he hadn’t done a placement.

Me at an awards ceremony with my manager
Me at an awards ceremony with my manager

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Fresh Relevance continues to hire CCI placement students

Fresh Relevance, the marketing hub for online retailers, has welcomed the fourth intake to its successful annual intern programme including our very own Graphic Design student, Ben Edwards.

Fresh Reavence's new interns (from left) Sophie Crichton, Ben Edwards, James Dibnah, Diogo Fernandes, Kenneth Mbuthia
Ben Edwards, 2nd year Graphic Design Student (second from left)

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Marketing internships and the skills you need…

Are you thinking of doing a marketing internship? The marketing industry is all about people – you will always be focussed on your customers, your clients, your work colleagues and your employers. The purpose of an internship is for you to learn as many professional skills as you can under guided supervision. There is going to be a lot for you to learn, so in order to make the most out of your internship and put your best foot forward in your chosen company, here are some tips to take with you: Read full article ‘Marketing Internships – Skills you need’




Marketing: 5 Things You Need to Score a Sponsorship Job at UEFA

If you want your career to be more successful than England’s Euro 2016 campaign, then you need to start researching your options now.

Want to work in marketing? Have you ever thought about working in football sponsorship?

“Sponsorship at UEFA is not for the faint of heart but offers what can only be described as a rewarding, purposeful career for the most passionate of marketers! ”

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