Assessment Centre: Tips And Preparation Advice

What is an assessment centre and what is it’s purpose?  What happens during the assessment and how do you prepare?  This useful article and video aims to provide you with all the questions you may have about the big day.

Read full article here – Assessment Centre: Tips And Preparation Advice


Telephone interviews: do’s and don’ts

Did you know telephone interviews are becoming more popular as part of the recruitment process? With so many students applying for jobs, telephone interview can be used to pre-screen candidates saving time and money for the employer…

…I know what you’re thinking, more preparation!? Not to worry, we’ve found some really useful articles that include top tips, checklists, example questions and right and wrong answers to help you prepare…

How to ace telephone interviews

Telephone interview questions and answers

How to handle a telephone interview

Make a good call: how to impress in telephone interviews

Good luck and remember, prepare, stay calm and smile!